Gina Bianca Hair

930 Meriden-Waterbury Turnpike Unit 2E Plantsville, CT 06479

Team Based Culture

Are you ready? Here it is: We don’t pay commission. Not on service sales, and not on product sales. You know how you dread going to some places because as soon as you walk in the door, you have a sales person drop off the ceiling or leap from behind a large potted plant? We know the feeling too, and we don’t like it. So, we designed our system to be different and more enjoyable. How? You ask? We compensate all of our staff by salary – this means, no matter what’s going on, whether they are booked or not, they are getting paid. By compensating our staff on whats known as a “Team Based” system, it allows us to function more efficiently and to allow more flexibility for our clients.

Can’t get in with your favorite stylist or maybe you just want to try someone else? Go for it! We don’t mind. We actually encourage it! The entire focus of our team is to ensure every guest’s day is being made. This even comes down to product. When our staff is recommending a product, its because they truly believe it’s the best product for you, not because their trying to make commission on the sale. The same goes for services too! So next time you feel like switching it up a little just let us know! After all, variety is the spice of life!

At GBH we take pride in hiring only the best talent. Where that begins is with their core foundation of education. Each team member has attended a Paul Mitchell school which guarantees the strongest foundation possible. In addition to their strong foundation, each team member completes an intense training program with Gina and other senior stylists, giving them the tools and education they need to meet our high standards.